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Seal Coating

Protective Seal Coat

Sealed Driveway

Protect the surface you had installed. Your last step should be the application of a seal coat in Los Angeles, CA. The elements of weather and traffic can break down the surface of asphalt or concrete. Over time this can create cracks and weakness in the pavement, which allows seeds to take hold, and weeds and grass start to grow. A paving sealant is the best solution to prevent your new surface from aging too quickly.

The seal coat process starts with a high-pressure blower and wire broom cleaning. We then install filler into any crack that is one-quarter of an inch or more. After filling the cracks, the seal coat is applied. Once the paving sealant dries, the entire surface is re-striped, if required, with lines, dashes, A.D.A. stencils, numbering, and space-specific allocations such as reserved or compact.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that every parking lot must meet code. R.B.S. Inc. specializes in upgrading to all ADA specifications. Call us today for details on how to get your parking area up to code.