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The flexibility of asphalt is what makes it desirable for large surface areas. Asphalt is also the more affordable smooth surface installation when it comes to paving. It is an aggregate that has a binding compound that expands and contracts depending on the weather and traffic. It can last up to 30 years when properly maintained. Your asphalt paving in Los Angeles, CA, should be done by the experts at R.P.S. Inc. Our crew of professionals complete your service on time and on-budget.

The first step in asphalt paving is to remove any existing surface material, so we start fresh with your project. We always haul old debris to an appropriate dump site for proper disposal. Our crew then delivers and installs class two base aggregate and then compacts the sub-grade to the correct parameters. We then apply three to six inches of hot asphalt, which is then smoothed by our Leeboy 8500 paving machine. The last step in asphalt paving is to compact the surface with a three to five-ton roller.

R.P.S. Inc. can also lay asphalt over pre-existing products. We clean the entire surface with a high-pressure blower as well as a metal broom. Once completely clean, we install T.A.C. asphalt emulsion glue. After spreading it across the entire surface area, we deliver one to one and a half inches of hot asphalt. We then pave it with our Leeboy 8500, and finally, we compact the surface with our three to five-ton roller.